It’s important that elected officials know that voters are serious in their commitment to reduce government spending and pay down the national debt.

The following links allow you to look up your Senators and Representatives by zip code and send them a message asking them to sign the Reject the Debt pledge:

We’ve provided some sample text for you below:

Dear Congressman/Senator _______________,

My name is _______________ and I am your constituent. I am writing not only for my own sake, but for the future prosperity of all Americans.

Our national debt is a national disgrace. I am tired of politicians continuing to promise me fiscal responsibility only to behave recklessly as soon as they are elected.

With the national debt now greater than the size of the entire US economy, it is time for Congress to take a stand and actually focus on reducing our debt burden. In just 20 years, the interest on our debt will surpass the entire cost of Social Security!

The American people have seen what happens to countries that cannot pay their bills. It is incumbent on all fiscally responsible members of Congress to stop voting for programs and policies we simply cannot afford.

I am urging you today to sign the Coalition to Reduce Spending’s Reject the Debt pledge. I believe the planks in this pledge could not be more important: no more unbalanced budgets, no new spending programs not offset elsewhere in the budget, and no increases in the debt ceiling. (The full text of the pledge is here:

I know many voters who believe, like I do, that the issue of reducing spending is the most important of our generation. In return for your pledge to Reject the Debt, I pledge to you that I will not vote for anyone who is unwilling to sign on to these simple commitments.

Thank you for your consideration.