What’s my Congressman’s Number?

You know it.

Most Americans know it.

We have a problem in this country.

Our country’s escalating national debt is the challenge of our generation, and reducing spending is necessary to address this problem. And in an era of countless other issues that can distract and crowd out the fiscal perspective there is a clear need for a national organization to advocate exclusively for reducing federal spending to balance the budget.

But how much has your Member of Congress voted to spend? Before today, there was no easy way to answer that question. Finding data on how politicians spend our money would have required going through CBO reports and vote data for thousands of bills.

It’s no exaggeration to say almost no one would have the time or expertise to do that. So we automated the process with What’s my Congressman’s Number

Now, everyone can tell, in real time, how much every Member of Congress is voting to spend.

Check it out now at SpendingTracker.org

For the first time, everyday Americans will be able to view, in real time, how much money our Representatives and Senators are spending.

What's My Congressman's Number
Over the last year, our staff has been working around the clock creating and testing a methodology that captures every single vote for new spending, and building an easy-to-use website to display these findings. Users simply type in their zip code to find out their Congressman’s number—or how much new spending he or she has voted for.

Most Americans want Congress to spend our money responsibly. Most politicians promise fiscal responsibility only to turn around and vote for new spending and debt once in office. Meanwhile, everyday Americans lack the time and tools to hold them accountable for countless bad votes.

Until now.

In 2017, everything changes.

Go to SpendingTracker.org to find out your Congressman’s number today.

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