Take Action

It’s critical that all Americans get involved in the movement to reduce government spending. Below are some easy ways you can take action:

Sign the Voter Pledge

Start by signing the Coalition to Reduce Spending’s voter pledge to show that you will only support politicians who take our national debt seriously.

And don’t forget to get your friends and family to sign the voter pledge with this handy downloadable PDF.

Spread the Message

Help us get the message out that reducing government spending and balancing the budget are critical priorities that must be addressed by our elected officials. Here are some ways you can get involved in your community and online to spread the message:

Share our flyer with your friends

Click the link above to download a one-page flyer that makes the case for spending reduction.

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Write for our blog

Are you interested in sharing your views on the economics and the need to cut government spending? The CRS blog is a great place to showcase your views to a wide audience. Send us a note via our contact page to let us know of your interest.

Have a blog of your own? Right-click the image to the right to post our badge prominently on your site and let visitors know that you proudly ‘Reject the Debt.’ Don’t forget to recruit others to the cause, too.

Suggest a Candidate to Sign

Write Your Congressman or Senator

Elected officials must be put on the record regarding their commitment to cutting spending. Use the two links above to suggest candidates we should approach, and to write your elected officials and ask that they sign the Reject the Debt pledge.

Make a Donation

Our efforts are funded by concerned Americans like you. Show your support for our work to reduce government spending by making a generous donation today.