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“Balanced?” $1 of spending decreases for every $40 in tax increases

That is the so-called “balanced” result of January’s “fiscal cliff agreement”¬†between Congressional Republicans and the White House, according to a column by Stanford professor Michael Boskin in the Wall Street Journal this week. Boskin writes, “An economically ‘balanced’ deficit-reduction program today would mean $5 of actual, not hypothetical, spending cuts per dollar of tax hikes.” […] Read More >>

Debunking debt ceiling myths

Earlier this week, David B. Rivkin Jr. and Lee A. Casey published an important column in the Wall Street Journal debunking many of the myths about government debt, entitlement spending, and the upcoming battle over whether to raise the debt ceiling. First, a few definitions of terms and some history to help the discussion. Debt […] Read More >>

WSJ: “How Canada Saved Its Bacon”

Mary Anastasia O’Grady writes today in the Wall Street Journal how our neighbor to the north, Canada, dealt with its overspending problem in the mid-1990s. Former Canadian prime minister (and finance minister) Paul Martin of the left-of-center Liberal Party presided over a crisis of arithmetic during which spending commitments outstripped the ability of the Canadian […] Read More >>