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Interest Rates Aren’t the Price of Money

On Saturday, Corie wrote about the “many unsustainable patterns of economic activity” that have been prevalent in the post-Great Recession economy. In doing so, she quoted Texas Congressman Ron Paul’s most recent commentary on the subject. Says Paul: Because the interest rate is the price of money, manipulation of interest rates has the same effect […] Read More >>

The New York Times won’t publish our letter…again!

On the heels of an article on the effect low interest rates have on savers, spenders and, yes, government, Coalition to Reduce Spending president Jonathan Bydlak wrote another letter to the New York Times: Dear Editor: Catherine Rampell’s recent article on the impact of interest rates (“As Low Rates Depress Savers, Governments Reap Benefits,” Sept. […] Read More >>

Peter Schiff: “The real fiscal cliff”

 Coalition to Reduce Spending advisory board member and nationally syndicated radio host Peter Schiff wrote an op-ed in the Washington Times this week that is not to be missed. Amid all the talk of the looming “fiscal cliff” of tax increases and spending cuts (at least that’s what the mainstream media says), Schiff writes the […] Read More >>