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What about inflation?

We’ve asked before whether monetary policy is spending policy. It does, after all, change the value of the money that people have to spend. And monetary policy today is most often being used as a tool to stimulate the economy. We’ve also talked about low interest rates directly (including in our unpublished letter to the […] Read More >>

“Unsustainable Patterns of Economic Activity”

Congressman Ron Paul, who is perhaps most well known for his career-long quests to rein in the Federal Reserve, published an interesting commentary this past week in his “Texas Straight Talk” series entitled “Interest Rates Are Prices.” Here at the Coalition to Reduce Spending, we’ve made it a point to touch upon the rarely discussed […] Read More >>

Peter Schiff: “The real fiscal cliff”

¬†Coalition to Reduce Spending advisory board member and nationally syndicated radio host Peter Schiff wrote an op-ed in the Washington Times this week that is not to be missed. Amid all the talk of the looming “fiscal cliff” of tax increases and spending cuts (at least that’s what the mainstream media says), Schiff writes the […] Read More >>