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Why everything must be on the table

Among those who understand government has a severe spending problem, there are considerable differences on what exact spending should be reduced. For a long time the focus has been on eliminating government waste, “porkbarrel” projects and earmarks. The spotlight has … Continue reading

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A Guide to Understanding the U.S. Government Debt and Deficits

There are a lot of terms and questions being thrown around in the media, on blogs, and in the conversations we have with friends and family about the national debt. What is deficit spending? What is the national debt? How … Continue reading

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Peter Schiff: “The real fiscal cliff”

¬†Coalition to Reduce Spending advisory board member and nationally syndicated radio host Peter Schiff wrote an op-ed in the Washington Times this week that is not to be missed. Amid all the talk of the looming “fiscal cliff” of tax … Continue reading

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