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Out-of-control government spending is the most pressing issue of our day. The Coalition to Reduce Spending is dedicated to advocating for reducing federal spending and balancing the budget. Continuing to live beyond our means will only jeopardize our country's future prosperity and security.

Open Letter to Congress: Strengthen Fiscal Controls

The Coalition to Reduce Spending is proud to sign on to a coalition letter urging Congress not to forget the “true tax,” as Milton Friedman famously characterized runaway spending and debt.

The letter is cosigned by 15 organizations: Coalition to Reduce Spending, ALEC Action, Center for Freedom and Prosperity, Council for Citizens Against Government Waste, Defense Priorities Initiative,, FreedomWorks, Heritage Action for America, Independent Women’s Forum, Independent Women’s Voice, Market Institute, National Taxpayers Union, Taxpayers for Common Sense, Taxpayers Protection Alliance, and Tea Party Nation.

In a time when the scheduled expiration of the only spending limits in a generation is fast approaching, this letter could not be timelier. It does not demand specific policy, but rather urges members of Congress to strengthen fiscal controls and not lose ground on those already in place.

We’re thrilled to be part of this crucial effort and urge every member of Congress to take note and seek solutions to the challenge of our generation.

MEDIA RELEASE: Sen. Eric Brakey pledges to Reject the Debt

CONTACT: Jake Grant, Outreach Director

Brakey joins nonpartisan coalition that includes Sen. Ted Cruz (TX), Rep. Jim Banks (IN-3), Rep. Warren Davidson (OH-8), and others.

PORTLAND, ME (November 6, 2017) – State Senator Eric Brakey, running for US Senate in Maine, has officially signed the Coalition to Reduce Spending’s pledge to reduce spending. The pledge stipulates that Brakey will not vote for any spending without offsets elsewhere in the budget and will vote only for budgets with a path to balance.

Brakey joins hundreds of candidates and elected officials from across the country, including Rep. Steve Chabot (OH-01), Sen. Ted Cruz (TX), Rep. Doug Collins (GA-9), Rep. Mark Sanford (SC-1), and Rep. Warren Davidson. Brakey is the first candidate in his race to have signed. Learn More >>

House Passes PREPARE Act out of Committee

Today, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee unanimously passed the Preparedness and Risk Management for Extreme Weather Patterns Assuring Resilience (PREPARE) Act. The bipartisan bill, introduced by Rep. Matt Cartwright (PA-17) and Rep. Leonard Lance (NJ-07), enhances government preparedness for extreme weather situations, saving both lives and taxpayer dollars.

The devastating storms that have hit the United States this year prove that the U.S. must be prepared to protect property and life when a disaster strikes. The bill ensures that federal agencies are sharing information appropriately and using best practices from other disasters relief efforts from across the nation.

H.R. 4177 would also establish a federal interagency council who would provide recommendations on the best way to plan and prepare for extreme weather circumstances. State and local actors would contribute information on their successes and how they have dealt with similar situations.

The Coalition to Reduce Spending is proud to support bipartisan legislation that saves both money and potentially the lives of American citizens. We ask Congress to pass the bill as soon as possible so that these reforms are implemented before we face another natural disaster.


Jonathan Bydlak in The Hill: GOP refusal to deal with spending will haunt tax overhaul

Writing today in The Hill, CRS founder and president Jonathan Bydlak discusses ongoing tax reform efforts in light of the Thursday release of the GOP tax plan.

On Thursday, Americans got their first look at the president’s long-anticipated tax plan with the release of the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.”

Not surprisingly, most Democrats have pledged to oppose the plan, finding fault with everything from the reduction in corporate rates to the idea that changes to the mortgage interest deduction mightdisproportionately impact large urban areas.

Much of the debate in the coming weeks is likely to take the form of partisan posturing, but at its core lie fundamentally different views on what tax policy should aim to accomplish.

One area where there isn’t a fundamental difference of opinion is over whether we should care about how the plan will impact deficits and debt.

Read the full piece here.

CRS signs VA reform coalition letter

The Coalition to Reduce Spending was proud to join a group of over 15 diverse organizations urging strong support for reforming the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) medical system.

This letter urged Congress to focus on VA reform that would increase choices for veterans, protect the nation’s taxpayers, and increase transparency of costs and quality of care.

Caring for our veterans and reducing the burden for taxpayers are important issues that we are proud to support. You can read the full letter here.

The Military Times also highlighted the coalition letter, which you can read here.

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