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Out-of-control government spending is the most pressing issue of our day. The Coalition to Reduce Spending is dedicated to advocating for reducing federal spending and balancing the budget. Continuing to live beyond our means will only jeopardize our country's future prosperity and security.

David Balat pledges to Reject the Debt

We’re pleased to announce that David Balat, running for Congress in Texas’ 2nd Congressional District, has officially signed the Coalition to Reduce Spending’s pledge to reduce spending. The pledge stipulates that Balat will not vote for any spending without offsets elsewhere in the budget and will vote only for budgets with a path to balance.

Balat, a professional healthcare executive, former hospital CEO and healthcare consultant, joins candidates and elected officials from around the country, including Rep. John Culberson (TX-7), Sen. Ted Cruz (TX), Rep. Doug Collins (GA-9), and Rep. Mark Sanford (SC-1). 

Upon signing, Mr. Balat said, “I WILL never vote to raise the debt limit without implementing corresponding spending decreases that puts us on a path to a balanced budget amendment.”

With the 2018 elections just around the corner, the Coalition will reach out to every elected official and candidate for office with the opportunity to go on the record with regard to spending.

The Coalition to Reduce Spending is a non-partisan advocacy organization dedicated to limiting federal spending. The Reject the Debt spending pledge commits elected officials and candidates to (1) consider all spending open for reduction and vote only for budgets that present a path to balance and (2) vote against any appropriations bill that increases total spending and against the authorization or funding of new programs without offsetting cuts in other programs.

More information, including the full text of the pledge, can be found at

32 fiscally conservative organizations tell Congress: Don’t bring back earmarks!

Today, we were proud to join 31 other fiscally conservative organizations to send a resounding message to Congress: Don’t bring back earmarks.

We were joined by the National Taxpayers Union, FreedomWorks, Americans for Prosperity, ALEC, Americans for Tax Reform, Heritage Action, the Club for Growth, and many more committed organizations representing tens of thousands of members nationwide.

Wednesday morning, Politico reported on the letter:

EARMARKS – LEAVE ‘EM IN THE DUSTBIN, GROUPS SAY: Congress shouldn’t even think about bringing back earmarks, 30 conservative groups warned lawmakers in an open letter today opposing the idea of reviving the process. Doing so would escalate pressure to spend more, which then makes Congress more open to tax increases, said signers including the Coalition to Reduce Spending, National Taxpayers Union, ALEC, Americans for Prosperity, Americans for Tax Reform, Club for Growth, FreedomWorks, Heritage Action and more. House Republicans are looking at bringing back the old pork-barrel practice, with the Rules Committee planning to hold hearings on the topic next week, and Trump sounded open to the idea in a free-wheeling meeting with lawmakers on Tuesday.

It’s hard to imagine a swampier action than bringing back earmarks. All taxpayers should be concerned at this possibility and urge their members of Congress to leave earmarks as they are — a cautionary tale about government waste and corruption.

The letter, which can be read in full here, was signed by the following organizations:

Coalition to Reduce Spending
National Taxpayers Union
Alaska Policy Forum
ALEC Action
American Commitment
Americans for Prosperity
Americans for Tax Reform
Center for Freedom and Prosperity
Center for Individual Freedom
Civitas Institute
Club for Growth
Concerned Veterans for America
Council for Citizens Against Government Waste
Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce
Free the People
Frontiers of Freedom
Generation Opportunity
Goldwater Institute
Heritage Action
Independent Women’s Voice
Let Freedom Ring
The LIBRE Initiative
The Maine Heritage Policy Center
The National Center for Public Policy Research
Pioneer Institute
60 Plus Association
Republican Liberty Caucus
Taxpayers for Common Sense
Taxpayers Protection Alliance
Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund

A year of firsts

From all of us at the Coalition, we hope you and yours have a safe and happy New Year. Take a moment to read this quick note from CRS founder and president Jonathan Bydlak about one of the most unique years yet…

Dear friend:

As I sit at my desk, firing out last-minute emails to staff as we prepare some exciting new projects launching in the New Year, I wanted to send you a quick note. 2017 was truly a year of firsts — for the Coalition and the country.

Since our founding, we have worked to hold politicians accountable to their promises. Throughout this time, countless politicians promised that once they had the chance, they’d cut wasteful spending.

And in 2017, for the first time in the Coalition’s existence, united GOP government gave them that supposed chance.

I wish I could say I was surprised as promises to fully repeal Obamacare and reform wasteful programs evaporated.

But along with setbacks came significant victories. For the first time ever, a Pentagon audit was scheduled. We worked with broad coalitions to advance issues like CBO transparency and Farm Bill reforms. And just before Christmas, Congress took a major step toward repealing Obamacare by ending the individual mandate.

There’s a long way to go, and spending has never been easier to ignore. I founded the Coalition to Reduce Spending because of this problem — because it’s all too easy to put the issue on the back burner and never ask “where is the money coming from?”

That’s why, in 2017, we kicked off our most ambitious project yet — tracking the real-time spending records of every member of Congress. Political winds may shift, the news cycle may change faster than ever, but now no one can escape accountability.

In 2018, we’ll add even more exciting features to, so be sure to sign up for updates if you haven’t yet.

In many ways, this year was a gut check — a reminder of how empty political promises can be and how easy it is for both parties to forget spending when it is convenient.

But more than ever before, this year shows why our work is so important, and reminds me that we’re on the right track.

I hope you’ll consider helping us kick off the New Year as strong as possible with your most generous support.

Let’s keep going — in 2018 and beyond.

CRS Signs Coalition Letter Insisting Congress Not Restore Earmarks

Last week, CRS signed a coalition letter with 6 other organizations, urging Congress not to lift the ban on earmarks. Since 2011, Congress has outlawed this budgeting tool, which allowed a provision to be added to a bill, directing funds to a specific recipient, usually extra money for a project in their district or state. Along with Council for Citizens Against Government Waste, 60 Plus Association, Americans for Tax Reform, The Club for Growth, National Taxpayers Union, and Taxpayers Protection Alliance, we demand that Members of Congress represent their constituents in a fiscally responsible manner.

As stated in the letter:

Earmarks are a lazy, unfair, and corrupt way to circumvent that process, and they have been roundly excoriated by the conservative movement upon which Republicans depend for their political lives.

It is extremely important that Congress not take steps in the wrong direction on budget accountability. Ensuring that money allocated by the federal government is not going to pet projects that benefit pet projects or waste is popular among voters for a good reason. Earmarks are a truly corrupt way to govern, and we hope that this ban is kept in place.

You can read the full letter here

CRS Signs Coalition Letter Urging Congress to End the Harvest Price Option

The Coalition to Reduce Spending is pleased to stand with 9 other organizations in signing a coalition letter urging our support of the Harvest Price Subsidy Prohibition Act. Introduced by Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz) and Rep. John Duncan (R-Tenn), this legislation would end the harvest price option (HPO) policy, protecting taxpayers from supporting a truly expensive and wasteful program. The HPO option pays farmers at the standard locked-in price, or at the price at harvest, whichever is higher — leading to payouts that may exceed their expectations from before planting.

As stated in the letter:

“It represents the crop-insurance equivalent of your auto insurer surprising you with a new Cadillac Escalade after you’ve totaled your Toyota Corolla.”

By introducing this legislation, Senator Flake and Representative Duncan are true allies of the taxpayers and we hope that Congress moves efficiently to reform this broken program.

Read more about the program in an op-ed authored by CRS’s Outreach Director here.

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