Statement on Suspension of Debt Ceiling

Bydlak: “Stalling is not a serious solution to federal debt created by habitual deficit spending”


ALEXANDRIA, VA – Following today’s 285-144 vote in the House to suspend a decision on the debt ceiling until May 18, Coalition to Reduce Spending President Jonathan Bydlak issued the following statement:

“Congress today again avoided its duty to be a responsible steward of the public trust. Stalling is not a serious solution to federal debt created by habitual deficit spending.

“By delaying a vote on whether and at what cost the federal government should be allowed to borrow more money, House members chose to deny accountability to the public.

“This move goes against the clear wishes of American voters. As a recent Rasmussen poll showed, 73% nationwide believe the federal government should cut spending in order to deal with the nation’s current economic problems.

“The Coalition to Reduce Spending recognizes that choosing to increase the public debt is ultimately one of the most important decisions a legislator can make. It’s for that reason that this decision should never be pushed into the future haphazardly.”

The Coalition to Reduce Spending is the only national organization that advocates exclusively for reducing federal spending to balance the budget. Its hallmark Reject the Debt pledge puts candidates for office on the record regarding their commitment to reduce federal spending. For more information, visit