Statement on Passage of Fiscal Cliff Legislation

Bydlak: “We are in the midst of a Can-Kicking Congress”

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January 2, 2013                               (703) 962-0720

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Coalition to Reduce Spending President, Jonathan Bydlak, issued the following statement today regarding passage of H.R.8, the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012:

“The fiscal cliff wasn’t averted last night. The real fiscal cliff — our $16.4 trillion national debt — is looming larger, and this bill only adds to our problem.

“With all the attention focused on the implications for taxes on the wealthy, this discussion completely ignores the more than $330 billion in new spending enacted by the bill.

“We are in the midst of a Can-Kicking Congress, and it’s clear that elected officials in both parties remain uncommitted to tackling the true cause of our economic woes: out-of-control spending and borrowing.

“The longer Congress continues to act fiscally irresponsible, the longer the American people will have to wait for the return of a healthy and prosperous economy.”


Mr. Bydlak is available for interviews and to provide further comment by contacting Mike Kane, Director of Communications, at (703) 962-0720 or