MA US Senate Candidate Dan Winslow Rejects the Debt

Bydlak: “Dan Winslow is leading the way in the Massachusetts Senate race on the matter of promoting responsible spending restraint.”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – April 10th, 2013

ALEXANDRIA, VA – The Coalition to Reduce Spending announced on Wednesday that Dan Winslow, Republican candidate for US Senate, signed the group’s Reject the Debt spending commitment.

Massachusetts State Representative Dan Winslow stepped to the front of the pack on fiscal issues, becoming the first candidate in the special election to sign the Coalition’s Reject the Debt commitment, which asks candidates to go on record, stating that they will consider all spending open for reduction, vote only for budgets that present a path to balance, and vote against bills that increase total spending or fund new programs without offsetting cuts in others.

Winslow, a longtime Massachusetts Republican turned state representative, champions fiscal issues in his campaign. Rep. Winslow says on his campaign issue page that, “Our national debt is choking our economy. It’s a bipartisan problem, and we need to call on Republicans and Democrats alike to focus on solutions that reduce wasteful spending and balance our budget.”

The Coalition’s president Jonathan Bydlak agrees with this sentiment and praised Winslow’s signing, saying: “The national debt and spending are key issues for the entire nation, and my home state of Massachusetts is no exception. Now more than ever, as young Americans are being saddled with debt to pay off spending we weren’t responsible for, we need candidates willing to put their promises to remedy this on paper so they can be held accountable.”

Winslow’s Republican opponents, Gabriel Gomez and Michael Sullivan, have yet to sign, and the Coalition is also awaiting responses from Democratic candidates Stephen Lynch and Ed Markey.