We are so excited to announce that the first-ever real-time spending tracker is online!

Check it out now at

This powerful tool has been on our workbench here at the Coalition for nearly the past two years. And every day has been worth it to build a robust methodology and framework that will now easily capture every single spending vote and display it online, in real time, for everyone to see.

As you know, federal budgeting is complicated, dysfunctional, and until now, almost entirely out of reach of everyday Americans.

How much is Congress voting to spend? And on what? How much is my Member of Congress responsible for? 

Before this tool, answering these types of questions decisively would have required scouring roughly 1,000 Congressional Budget Office reports and voting records — every session. (And that’s not to mention questions of procedure and rules that many in Congress barely even understand.)

It’s no exaggeration to say that almost no one would have been able to do so.

So we automated the process.

For us, it was a no-brainer.

New technology and data have affected every part of our lives, from getting a ride to finding a restaurant.

There is no reason for the cause of our generation to be left in the Stone Age.

We cannot underestimate how game-changing this tool is and how valuable this data will be for everyone who wants Congress to spend our money responsibly.

Go find your Congressman’s number today!