Paul Jacob, writing at primarily about the Paul Ryan VP pick, makes note of the work that we’re doing at the Coalition to Reduce Spending:

I like Ryan, relatively, and applaud the pick. But it doesn’t do anything to save America. The Vice President can do little to bring even the 50-year Ryan “Path to Prosperity” into effect.

So, why is federal spending out of control? Because the federal government itself is so out of control. As I told my daughter, “We citizens have to become the movement that takes control over government spending and taxes. We can’t leave it to the politicians whose power derives from spending money.”

At the federal level, that’s proven awfully difficult to do, though I applaud the Club for Growth, the Coalition to Reduce Spending and the Tea Party for supporting and holding candidates’ feet to the fire on spending issues.

Jacob certainly makes a point worth considering when he notes that no matter who we elect, American citizens need to take control over the issue of government spending. Politicians, when left to their own devices, tend to do what benefits them most. For too long, that has been spending money we don’t have to shore up their own interest groups at the expense of average Americans – who are now in debt at a rate of about fifty thousand dollars each to the federal government, because of its unsustainable deficit spending.

At the Coalition to Reduce Spending, our goal is to hold politicians accountable for the promises they make on the campaign trail. By signing our “Reject the Debt” pledge, they indicate that they’re committed to true spending reduction, and putting their signature to the pledge creates a mechanism that prevents politicians from being evasive about their campaign rhetoric once they’re in office. And those who refuse to sign? Well, you know where they stand from the outset.

You can read Paul Jacob’s entire Town Hall column here.