Announcing the “Reject the Debt” New Year’s Resolution Contest!

New Year's Resolution Contest

Help your members of Congress make a fiscally responsible New Year’s Resolution!

Ask your U.S. representative and senators to sign the “Reject the Debt” pledge. The pledge commits members of Congress to stop borrowing, to vote only for balanced budgets that do not increase spending, and consider all current spending fair game for reduction. The goal of the pledge is to keep members accountable to their stated goals to address the national debt seriously.

Coalition members–that means you!–who submit the signature/signatures of a U.S. Representative or Senator will be entered into the drawing for one of three prizes: 1st place- iPad 2 (16 GB), 2nd place-iPod touch (32 GB), and 3rd place- iPod nano (16 GB).

The deadline is December 31, 2012, so act quickly!

Please submit all signed pledges to Richard Lorenc ( along with your name. Download the pledge here (PDF).

You can find your U.S. House member here. Find your U.S. Senators’ contact information here.

Here are some tips on how to talk with members and their offices:

  1. Schedule an in-person meeting. Phone calls are great, but meetings at your members’ district offices work much better, particularly over the holidays. Phone calls also work well.
  2. Be cordial. Speak politely, and refer to members as Mr. or Ms. or Representative or Senator.
  3. Do not pester. Members and their offices are much less likely to respond to recommendations if you appear overly persistent. Persuade members to see it your way that accountability on the national debt is vital.
  4. Represent yourself properly. You are a constituent of your member of Congress, not a staffer of the Coalition to Reduce Spending. You want to see the federal debt addressed properly, and the “Reject the Debt” pledge is a great tool to make politicians accountable.
  5. Get a firm commitment. By the time you leave your members’ offices, you should know–one way or the other–whether he or she will sign the pledge.
  6. Have fun. Your members of Congress work for you. Be polite, cordial, and professional, and request he or she take the pledge seriously.

There is no entry fee or purchase necessary to win this contest. Each signed pledge will constitute one contest entry on behalf of the individual who secures it, and there is no limit on the number of times an individual may be entered to win. This contest is open to any adult individual residing in the United States, however, the following individuals are ineligible to receive a prize: directors, officers and agents of the Coalition to Reduce Spending, Inc. and members of their families; and elected officials, candidates, members of their families, and their employees and agents. This contest begins on November 30, 2012 and concludes on December 31, 2012. There are three prizes available: iPad 2 (16 GB, retail value $399), 2nd place-iPod touch (32 GB, retail value $199), and 3rd place- iPod nano (16 GB, retail value $149). Odds of winning will vary depending upon the number of entries. Winners will be drawn at random on January 2, 2013 and notified by e-mail. A complete list of winners, as well as additional information about the Coalition to Reduce Spending, Inc., is available by contacting This contest is void where and to the extent prohibited by law.