Organization’s “Reject the Debt” spending pledge aims to put candidates on the record about reducing spending to balance the federal budget

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ALEXANDRIA, VA – As President Obama and Speaker Boehner gear up for a second round of debt ceiling negotiations, the nonpartisan Coalition to Reduce Spending announced its official launch today. The group is the only national organization aimed solely at advocating for reduced federal spending as a means of balancing the budget.

The group’s president and founder, Jonathan Bydlak, former Director of Fundraising on Ron Paul’s 2008 Presidential Campaign, explained its new approach:

“The Coalition started because we were dissatisfied with leaders who jeopardize our future by failing to address our budgetary problems.” Bydlak said. “America’s focus during the current crisis must be on reducing spending.”

Calling our country’s escalating national debt “the challenge of our generation,” Bydlak added that the Coalition is being led by a team of professionals in their early to late-20s who are concerned about how rising federal debt will affect their future and who see too many Baby Boomer politicians not taking it seriously.

“We believe the federal government should never spend more than it takes in via taxes. All spending – from the tiniest bits of waste in small agencies to the most egregious excesses in large federal departments – must be on the table. Only by challenging the culture of deficit spending in Washington will we make future prosperity possible,” Bydlak said.

The signature program of the Coalition, the “Reject the Debt” anti-spending pledge, asks candidates for office to go on the record with a commitment to reduce federal spending. The pledge contains three main planks: (1) no voting for unbalanced budgets; (2) no new spending programs without offsetting cuts elsewhere in the budget; and (3) no new borrowing or raising the debt ceiling. The full text of the pledge can be read at:

Dave Nalle, chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus, recently described the Reject the Debt spending pledge as “long overdue.” “The Coalition to Reduce Spending is a welcome addition to the fight for fiscal responsibility. By bringing people together from all over the political spectrum, the Coalition’s work will be truly invaluable,” said Nalle.

More information about the Coalition to Reduce Spending and the Reject the Debt spending pledge can be found online at


About the Coalition to Reduce Spending: The Coalition is the only national organization that advocates exclusively for reducing federal spending to balance the budget. We believe that our country’s national debt is the challenge of our generation, and that we must reduce government spending to make future prosperity possible.

About Reject the Debt:  The Reject the Debt pledge asks candidates for public office to go on the record with a commitment to reduce federal spending. The Coalition to Reduce Spending believes it is important that elected officials promise to never vote for unbalanced budgets or unnecessary increases in off-budget spending.