Jonathan Bydlak, President

Jonathan BA pioneer in the field of political fundraising, Jonathan got his start in politics as director of fundraising on Ron Paul’s 2008 Presidential campaign, where he oversaw an operation that raised more than $35 million, the majority of which was online via the application of social media. With a background in economics, Jonathan founded the Coalition to Reduce Spending in 2012 to spread awareness about the need for responsible fiscal policy and balanced budgets. A former hedge fund investment analyst, he is originally from Massachusetts and holds an A.B. in economics with minors in finance and political economy from Princeton University.

Rebekah Bydlak, Executive Director

Rebekah-2A longtime political activist and organizer, Rebekah earned her master’s degree in political science and public administration from the University of West Florida before beginning full-time work for the Coalition. She manages organizational development and strategy, as well as serving as spokesperson for the Coalition, overseeing programs, and managing daily written communications.

Jonathan Wren, Special Projects Director

Jonathan W.Jonathan earned his BA in economics with a minor in history from James Madison University in 2015. He hopes to apply a small-government philosophy to the political realm during his time with the Coalition to Reduce Spending, where he assists with outreach to potential Reject the Debt signers, as well as researching and writing about current events and assisting with outreach to affiliate partners. In his free time, he enjoys cheering on the English soccer team West Ham United and attending Baltimore Ravens games.

Jake Grant, Outreach Director

Jake joins the Coalition from San Diego State University, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and double minored in Economics and Psychology. He has been involved with various political organizations over the years and is an energetic advocate for spending reform. Outside of the office, he enjoys traveling and following whatever sport is in season.

Richard N. Lorenc, Director

Richard LorencRichard N. Lorenc is the Chief Operating Officer of the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE). Founded in 1946, FEE inspires, educates, and connects future leaders with the economic, ethical, and legal principles of a free society. Lorenc also serves on the board of directors of Oberg Research, Inc., which evaluates non-profit organizations’ educational outcomes. Lorenc is the former Director of Outreach of the Illinois Policy Institute, the state’s free market think tank, and has also served as Senior Advisor to America’s Future Foundation and Truth in Accounting, where he co-founded the interactive state fiscal database

Lorenc has traveled to over 30 countries and has been published in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Washington Post, and others on topics from constitutional government to gay rights to design. He is a graduate of Emory University and lives in Atlanta, where he plays the double bass in the Emory University Symphony Orchestra.

Kevin O’Boyle, Director

Kevin is a private investor and was a highly successful mutual fund manager for almost fifteen years, first as the Lead Manager for the Meridian Value Fund (now known as Meridian Contrarian Legacy), and then as Founder and President of KCO Investments, which was the Investment Advisor for Presidio Fund. He also recently helped manage the Meridian Funds’ organization during an ownership transition following the unexpected death of the Funds’ founder.

Kevin holds a bachelor’s degree with distinction in economics and an MBA, both from Stanford University. He currently resides in Seattle, Washington.