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House Leaders try to gather support for $733 billion Pentagon plan

Facing an uncertain future of negotiations on the rest of the federal budget, House Democratic leaders are struggling to gather support for their $733 billion plan for Pentagon spending. Bloomberg Government reports that House Democratic leaders see this level of Pentagon spending as a necessary part of getting Republicans on board with the level of domestic spending […] Read More >>

House Freedom Caucus to oppose busting the spending caps

As Congress continues to bicker over the next round of government funding, a key Republican caucus has come out against any deal that raises the spending caps set out in the 2011 Budget Control Act. Pointing out on Twitter that the US spends more on debt interest than on Defense, the House Freedom Caucus announced […] Read More >>

Coalition: Don’t bust the spending caps

Today, the Coalition to Reduce Spending and FreedomWorks led a letter signed by many leaders in the fiscally conservative movement urging Congressional leaders not to agree to any legislation that will raise spending caps for this year or the next. In a time when recent reports have shown, yet again, that serious financial problems are […] Read More >>

NEWS RELEASE: Jeff Moore signs anti-spending pledge in NC-3 race

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Rebekah Bydlak Email: NEWS RELEASE: JEFF MOORE PLEDGES TO ‘REJECT THE DEBT’ IN RACE TO REPLACE LATE REP. WALTER JONES Moore joins coalition that includes Sen. Ted Cruz (TX), Rep. Jim Banks (IN-3), Rep. Warren Davidson (OH-8), and others. RALEIGH, NC (March 19, 2019) – Businessman Jeff Moore, a Republican […] Read More >>