Tax day costs burden consumers

A report from our friends at the National Taxpayers Union sheds light on the real costs involved with big government, as taxpayers face not only what they owe the federal government but all of the costs involved with paying this money.

According to the most recent annual PRA report (drafted by the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) within the OMB), Americans spent over 9.78 billion hours complying with the government-imposed paperwork burden during FY 2015. Looking to future years, according to OIRA’s live-tracker of “Government-Wide Totals for Active Information Collections,” Americans are projected to spend over 11.6 billion hours complying with paperwork regulations that have been approved, and are being implemented, which would cost $128 billion annually.

Read the full report here, and this Tax Day, remember that the true cause of high taxes is high spending — and work even harder to rein it in.