Special Election Candidates Pledge to Reject the Debt

Georgia’s 6th Congressional district and South Carolina’s 5th contain a myriad of qualified candidates, but so far, two candidates have been willing to put their fiscally conservative promises onto paper.

Mrs. Sheri Few will be competing in the May 2nd special primary for OMB Director Mick Mulvaney’s old seat (SC-5). Ms. Few signed the Reject-the-Debt pledge because of her concern for our growing $20 trillion national debt.

“We cannot sustain excuses and promises while the debt ceiling continues to be raised,” said Few, while discussing how Congress should handle the debt ceiling deadline we reached this week.

David Abroms, the first signer from Georgia’s 6th district previously held by HHS Secretary Tom Price, conveyed conviction while discussing how “Washington’s irresponsible spending” is not just a threat to our present, but to our future. “My generation will be faced with a budget crisis unparalleled in our history if we continue on our current path of reckless regulation, borrowing, and spending,” he said.

Mr. Abroms said that by signing the pledge, he knows he has, “taken an important step towards restoring fiscal sanity in Washington.”

Come election day, constituents can have faith that Mr. Abroms and Mrs. Few have backed up their tough talk on reducing government spending by putting their promises on paper. Let’s hope their fellow candidates follow suit.