Today, news broke that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell had come to an agreement to end the partial government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling. In response to the news, Coalition to Reduce Spending President Jonathan Bydlak issued the following statement:

“Throughout these budget fights, we have urged members of Congress in both parties to look beyond partisan hype and remember that spending reform should be top priority. This agreement may bring resolution to the recent crisis, but it is still unclear whether our nation will seriously address our immediate and long-term budget problems or just maintain the status quo.

“Consider the terms of the agreement: the plan includes an increase in the debt ceiling without corresponding cuts in spending. It “keeps sequestration,” but only at the 2013 level, not the lower, legally required 2014 limit. Finally, it sets up a budget conference to deal with spending issues for the next ten years, a group which may or may not choose to address key drivers of our national debt.

“History shows that these conferences rarely, if ever, succeed in enacting real spending reform. We hope this one will not serve as a vehicle for the bipartisan spending caucus to reverse sequester cuts. Instead, we urge conferees to build on the (limited) gains of the sequester by proposing a serious plan to reduce spending in all areas and begin the crucial work of entitlement reform.