In an op-ed published Monday in the Bowling Green Daily News, US Senator Rand Paul cites Coalition project to highlight his record on spending and the need for better votes in Congress.

Exposing wasteful spending is just part of my commitment to being a good steward of your money. As your senator, I’ve. been a lone, yet determined, voice pushing back against the “Spend, spend, spend! Who cares how we pay for it!” mantra of today’s Washington.

Last week, the Coalition to Reduce Spending, a nonpartisan fiscal watchdog organization, highlighted how much each member of Congress votes to spend each year. And for those already taking cover behind their party talking points to blame the other side, here’s a spoiler: both Republicans and Democrats fared poorly.

According to their report, in the 115th Congress, the average member of Congress in both parties voted to spend approximately $1.58 trillion. That is absurd. We don’t have that kind of money, and we certainly didn’t cut enough to balance our budget and account for those expenditures.

Read the full piece here, and stay tuned as we continue our work to hold everyone accountable.