As Congress lurches through yet another season of manufactured crises and fiscal cliffs of its own making, there is no question that the status quo is not working. The chances of cutting spending or reforming major programs are nonexistent as long as Congress does everything at the last minute under threat of shutdown.

Writing for Daily Signal, Heritage Foundation’s Romina Boccia points out how a new bill from Senator Mike Braun would aim to fix some of this problem. The bill, in short, would simply require Congress to do its job — or not get paid.

S.39, the No Budget, No Pay Act, would require that Congress pass a budget and related appropriations bills. If they do not, their salaries will not be paid.

With a debt now officially over $22 trillion, this bill would not solve all of our nation’s looming fiscal problems. However, politicians have proven time and again that they are not able to do the right thing unless they are forced. Creating an enforcement mechanism for one of the most basic functions of governing should not be necessary but clearly is. We are glad to see elected officials recognizing the need for process reform and taking steps toward solving the cause of our generation.