Jonathan Bydlak in Roll Call: Stifling Competition Reduces Access to Affordable Prescriptions

There’s been a lot of uncertainty about the future of American healthcare policy, but one thing is for sure: Too many Americans still deal with unaffordable options based on outdated regulations and a system desperately in need of reform.

Writing in Roll Call today, CRS founder and president Jonathan Bydlak takes on one such way by which taxpayers and patients are getting ripped off.

A monopoly is rarely built in a day, and while public ire often points at companies who seek to profit, the root of many problems lies instead with the systems that enable unbalanced profiteering in the first place.

And while hauling the infamous “pharma bro” in front of Congressional panels might have been cathartic for lawmakers, actually ensuring patient access to affordable prescriptions will require more serious steps to target the systems that enable abuse to occur.

Luckily for Congress, there’s an easy way to do just that, thanks to new legislation that takes aim at legal structures long overdue for reform.

Americans are rightfully concerned with rising medical costs, but some of the ways by which costs rise can be tedious and difficult to understand for those not already familiar with broader regulatory issues.

What’s going on, though, is actually pretty straightforward: Brand-name producers regularly take advantage of systems designed to protect consumers to instead protect their bottom lines and crush out competition from their generic competitors.

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