The Coalition to Reduce Spending, a national, nonpartisan organization dedicated to reducing spending and debt, joins countless fiscal conservatives around the country and allies in the watchdog community in urging lawmakers to reject the “Bipartisan Budget Act of 2019.”

Of course, the name itself is a misnomer, as this act is yet another in a long string of temporary measures and packages that are put out after Congress fails to complete the deliberative process required in the 1974 Budget Act. It would also continue the dangerously irresponsible trend of “suspending” the US debt limit.

This package would raise spending by $320 billion, blow through the limits established in the Budget Control Act, and generally make a mockery of the very idea of fiscal restraint that countless Members of Congress have promised their constituents.

Let us be clear: ensures that no one will be able to dodge their record, and no elected official who votes for this package can realistically call themselves a fiscal conservative in the future.