Writing today in The National Interest, CRS Executive Director Rebekah Bydlak takes on the elephant in the room of US fiscal policy. That is, why do voters not hold politicians accountable for bad votes?

It is easy to point fingers at Washington, but as national politicians keep abandoning fiscal restraint, their voters seem fine with it. As we head into another election season, those of us who care about the budget should do what we can to ensure these “single-minded seekers of reelection” feel the only pressure most of them care about.

We must hold them accountable. Thanks to technology, we have the receipts , so use them. Refuse to donate to any candidate who won’t take the debt seriously. Organize your friends. Stop crying wolf about unnamed disasters, but talk about the real economic consequences of spending like drunken teenagers—scream it from the rooftops. Ask questions, publicly but also privately. Discuss your concerns with staffers who make most of the policy work happen anyway.

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