Pledge Signers Reject the Debt

We are proud to announce three new pledge signers: Matt Rosendale (MT-Senate), Rocky Raczkowski (MI-11), and Craig Nordal (CA-49).

In this pledge, the Coalition asks candidates not to vote for unbalanced budgets or for new spending that is not offset with cuts. It has been signed by fiscal leaders such as Rep Jody Hice (GA-10), Rep. Steve Chabot (OH-1), and Rep. Mark Sanford (SC-1). We’re proud to add to this list and continue advancing our mission. We would urge fellow candidates across the nation to follow their lead and go on the record to Reject the Debt!

Matt Rosendale is running for the Senate seat in Montana. He was a broker and owner of a real estate firm, before being elected to the State House, then the State Senate. Mr. Rosendale served as the Majority Leader in the Montana Senate before assuming the role of State Auditor of Montana. He explained to the Coalition that he truly walks the walk on this issue.

In the Montana State Auditor’s office, I cut my operating costs by 23% and declined my own pay raise flat out.  I mean business and when I say I’m going to cut wasteful spending and save taxpayer dollars, I keep my word.

Rocky Raczkowski is a Retired Lt. Colonel with the U.S. Army Reserves and served in the Michigan House of Representatives. He also served as Majority Leader, the youngest in any state legislative chamber in history. On his campaign site, Mr. Raczkowski explains the problem in Washington.

Federal income is not the problem, Federal spending is! I, like many of you, am disappointed in the fact that paying interest on the debt will continue to take up more and more of our annual budget. For this reason, we MUST get control of our spending NOW!

Craig Nordal is a businessman and founder and president of the North Coast Republican Club. A vocal proponent of the Freedom Caucus, Mr. Nordal wants to better represent the constituents of CA-49.

I decided the voters of the 49th Congressional District deserved to have a choice of a true social & economic conservative and someone with a proven record in business to bring common sense ideas and true traditional conservatism to this important congressional seat.

Their pledges and the hundreds of others can be found here. We need more leaders like these three who are willing to address the growing problem of our national debt!