In an open letter to Congress, 16 groups in total expressed support for the rescissions request sent by the Trump administration. We believe this a step toward fiscal restraint, something that is much needed in Washington right now.

The letter explains that,

The rescission process has been utilized by several previous Democratic and Republican administrations. This proposal requests more than $15 billion in rescinded appropriations, which makes it easily the largest rescission request offered by any President in U.S. history. As with rescission requests in the past, we believe this important step toward greater fiscal responsibility is worthy of strong bipartisan support.

The letter concludes with a summary of where the nation currently stands:

With the national debt topping $21 trillion and projected deficits exceeding $1 trillion, it is clear that Washington will have to start showing greater spending discipline. While this package does not solve all of the federal government’s spending problems, it does take an important step toward achieving budgetary savings – a goal all lawmakers from both parties should enthusiastically support.

The wide group of signatories include: the Coalition to Reduce Spending, National Taxpayers Union, Council for Citizens Against Government Waste, Club for Growth, Taxpayers Protection Alliance, FreedomWorks, Americans for Prosperity, Americans for Tax Reform, Heritage Action for America, Campaign for Liberty, Less Government, Independent Women’s Voice, Women for Trump, Center for Freedom and Prosperity, Family Business Coalition and Center for Individual Freedom.

It is important that Congress and the administration start clawing back federal spending and programs that are no longer necessary. This is a great first step, and will hopefully spark rigorous debate on spending priorities in the future.