Mark Callahan is running for Congress in Oregon’s 5th Congressional district. He recently won the Republican primary and will go on to challenge the incumbent, Congressman Kurt Schrader, in November.

Yesterday after signing the pledge, he spoke on the issue of federal debt:

“I feel that the federal government should live within its means.  As Americans, we all have check books.  We know what goes into our check books in the form of income, and what goes out of our check books in the form of expenses. We, as Americans, have to keep our check books balanced to be fiscally responsible.  I feel the federal government should have to do the same, i.e. balance their checkbook.  Running up more debt, that will be saddled on the backs of our children and grandchildren for generations to come, is a not solution.”

It is vital that we support candidates who will fight in Washington against the status quo of continuing to pile up the debt. Mr. Callahan would be a great ally in Washington and we wish him the best of luck in the general election in November.

Check out his website here and the full list of pledge signers here.