Letter to Congress: Fix Agriculture Subsidy Programs

In a letter to Congress, the Coalition to Reduce Spending has joined 13 other organizations urging reforms to the current subsidy programs be included in the upcoming farm bill.

The letter states that,

Our concerns about farm subsidies go well beyond excessive and unjustified costs to taxpayers. Subsidy reform is so important to our organizations because the existing subsidy system violates the most basic principles of conservatism, including a belief in free enterprise and limited government.

The letter goes on to describe the four principles wrong with the current system: cronyism, waste, central planning, and promoting dependence. It also lists the reforms that the signed organizations want to see in the passage of the farm bill.

The Coalition has highlighted some of these issues in the past in various op-eds. Congress would be wise to consider meaningful reforms to the expensive farm bill. There are bipartisan changes that can be made simply, saving money for taxpayers and consumers alike.

A link to read the full letter can be found here.