Let’s not charge another war on the country’s credit card

Official Coalition Statement on Syrian Intervention
Bydlak: Let’s not charge another war on the country’s credit card

As Congress prepares to return and debate possible military intervention in Syria, Coalition to Reduce Spending President Jonathan Bydlak issues the following statement:

“We at the Coalition strongly urge those on both sides of the debate to account for the nation’s fiscal realities and acknowledge that intervention will not come free: Let’s not finance another conflict on credit.

“While voting for a military authorization of force in Syria is not a violation of our spending pledge, the United States’ fiscal security is closely tied to its national security. The Coalition acknowledges that imminent threats may arise that require immediate military action and emergency spending of non-offset funds.

“Whether or not the current situation presents an imminent threat is not our question to answer, but in either case, elected officials would be wise to recognize the looming national debt and current fiscal woes that serve as a backdrop to any potential conflict.

“To the Members of Congress, our message is this: do not neglect the critical question of how intervention will be financed. To our signatories, we ask you to go above and beyond the requirements of our pledge and work with other Members of Congress to uphold the spirit of the pledge.

“Should Syrian intervention become a reality, Congress should make every effort to identify a source of funding for such action, ideally by offsetting spending in current programs, rather than turning to further indebtedness to satisfy the costs of military action.

“We will continue to watch the situation along with the rest of the country and encourage Members to take the opportunity to actively exercise their Article I powers. After all, a bankrupt nation cannot long defend itself.”