Jonathan Bydlak: The Wrong Way to Avoid a Shutdown

In an email to supporters today, CRS founder and president Jonathan Bydlak explained the bad deal that Congress has worked out to avoid a shutdown — and why it’s one of the worst we’ve seen.

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Almost nobody wants a government shutdown.

But yesterday, establishment leaders in both parties may have come up with the worst idea to stop it that I’ve ever heard.

You see, they are “daring” President Trump to refuse their spending bill by loading it up with plenty of Pentagon spending he wants — and also plenty of extra spending on other projects, billions more than the President requested.

Simply put, this is a terrible plan. Members of the Republican Study Committee and the House Freedom Caucus are angry, even though many of their members also want increased Pentagon spending.

HFC Chair Rep. Mark Meadows called the bill a “Democrat ‘Labor-HHS’ bill.” The RSC released a statement suggesting its members would be willing to vote No.

Good. We hope President Trump keeps his word and doesn’t sign another big spending bill that breaks every promise Republicans have made for generations.

It’s hard to emphasize how bad this problem is.

Between August 2017 and August 2018, the US budget deficit roughly doubled, driven mostly by a 7-percent increase in spending.

The deficit is almost $900 billion, and there are no signs that Congressional leaders have the political courage to address the problem before it becomes truly unmanageable.

For decades, politicians have promised to deal with the cause of our generation, only to join hands and say “I’ll vote for your spending, if you’ll vote for mine.”

Enough is enough.

Please join me in demanding better.