Writing yesterday in the Washington Examiner, CRS Founder and President Jonathan Bydlak takes on a troubling new trend in establishment politics: Pretending that losing Obamacare will be a bigger strain on the middle class than having it.

Political observers are still struggling to explain President-elect Trump’s shocking electoral victory. Most explanations, particularly from the Left, fail to realize Trump may have actually offered some policy solutions that voters from red states to the Rust Belt found appealing.

For example, in a Dec. 5 Washington Post opinion piece, Greg Sargent inadvertently sums up this tunnel vision by concern-trolling over the potential that “a lot of people in red states are set to lose Obamacare.” To hear Sargent explain it, red-state voters are about to suddenly discover they will suffer if the Affordable Care Act is repealed. They might even pressure Republicans ​not to repeal it at all.

​But consider this: Before Election Day, a Republican hadn’t won Michigan since 1988​ and Wisconsin since 1984. ​These Democratic strongholds​ propelled ​Trump to victory, even as he promised throughout his campaign to repeal the Affordable Care Act as soon as possible. ​Clearly, the threat of repeal wasn’t a boogeyman for blue-state voters, much less Republicans.

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