Jonathan Bydlak in The Hill: How to miss the point and make Americans pay

Writing in The Hill, Coalition president Jonathan Bydlak takes on a recent contentious issue for DC policymakers: The so-called border-adjusted tax. While the Coalition is neutral on tax policy, we are deeply concerned to see policymakers  apparently forgetting the root of the problem: Spending.

Supporters of this tax plan cannot have it both ways and should be honest about what we’re dealing with. In short, one does not envy GOP leadership, who must somehow balance long-desired tax reform with a President who wants protectionism but many in their caucus who do not – and all of it must somehow be paid for, to avoid running up a deficit, but also avoid hiking taxes.

If only there were another option.

The United States is teetering on the edge of a $20 trillion national debt, while Congress stumbled through yet another budget season where inability to finish the process resulted in last-minute, temporary spending packages passed under threat of shutdown.

In this environment, cutting any spending becomes next to impossible, but things are different now – or, at least, they should be.

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