Jonathan Bydlak in Forbes: Bloated Defense Budgets Put America’s Troops At Risk

Writing today in Forbes, CRS founder and president Jonathan Bydlak takes on a timely issue: Big Pentagon budgets and how wasteful spending in the country’s largest bureaucracy harms our country’s soldiers.

How much does the Department of Defense (DoD) waste on overhead and outside contractors?

Pentagon officials recently paid an outside consulting firm to find out. When the consultants put the figure at $125 billion, defense officials were appalled—and scared Congress would cut their budget. So they tossed the multimillion-dollar report in the trash and hoped no one would find it.

Now that the document has leaked, Pentagon higher-ups have a second chance to trim the fat and use the savings to recruit more troops and purchase better weapons, as the report itself recommended. By injecting some much-needed competition and demanding pricing transparency, the Trump Administration’s Defense Department can ensure that government contracts serve troops and taxpayers—bigly.

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