High Levels of Government Spending Become Status Quo

In today’s article published by Mercatus Center at George Mason University, author Veronique de Rugy suggests that trends show “a country addicted to spending increases” in which every President has spent more than the last.

. . . spending under Obama has not increased as fast as it did under the previous administration and, in fact, has even dropped a bit, for now. But the federal government is still spending a gigantic amount of money. Spending is significantly more than it was in 2008 and every single one of the years before that. The fact that the government isn’t quite as bloated as it was at its peak—or not getting fatter as fast as it was before—doesn’t mean the government is lean. We can only hope that the trend we see on this chart of a decrease in spending will continue, but the recent Mercatus chart of Congressional Budget Office projections show that it is unlikely.

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