Official Coalition Statement on Partial Government Shutdown
Bydlak: Don’t end the shutdown by breaking the law.

As House and Senate leaders come together with the President to discuss a possible end to the government shutdown, Coalition to Reduce Spending President Jonathan Bydlak issued the following statement:

“It’s a good sign that Democrats and Republicans both recognize the need to pass a continuing resolution sooner rather than later, but some of the latest developments aren’t very encouraging.

“For one, Harry Reid’s recent demand that the House pass a “clean” resolution to fund the government at current levels isn’t even legal according to the Budget Control Act of 2011 – a compromise that he voted for himself.

“The law stipulates that discretionary spending for 2014 must be at or below $967 billion, a level that can and should be met regardless of whether a delay of the Affordable Care Act is part of any budget agreement. In a time of massive deficits and debt, these caps are the bare minimum Congress must abide by, and are a down payment on further spending cuts and entitlement reform.

“While we at the Coalition are indifferent to whether such a delay should be attached to a continuing resolution, in no circumstance is it acceptable to ignore this spending limit.

“I hope that in the end Senate Democrats, House Republicans, and President Obama recognize the critical importance of abiding by the law, so that we can begin to address our fiscal problems today rather than tomorrow.”