CRS Signs Coalition Letter Insisting Congress Not Restore Earmarks

Last week, CRS signed a coalition letter with 6 other organizations, urging Congress not to lift the ban on earmarks. Since 2011, Congress has outlawed this budgeting tool, which allowed a provision to be added to a bill, directing funds to a specific recipient, usually extra money for a project in their district or state. Along with Council for Citizens Against Government Waste, 60 Plus Association, Americans for Tax Reform, The Club for Growth, National Taxpayers Union, and Taxpayers Protection Alliance, we demand that Members of Congress represent their constituents in a fiscally responsible manner.

As stated in the letter:

Earmarks are a lazy, unfair, and corrupt way to circumvent that process, and they have been roundly excoriated by the conservative movement upon which Republicans depend for their political lives.

It is extremely important that Congress not take steps in the wrong direction on budget accountability. Ensuring that money allocated by the federal government is not going to pet projects that benefit pet projects or waste is popular among voters for a good reason. Earmarks are a truly corrupt way to govern, and we hope that this ban is kept in place.

You can read the full letter here