Congress Must Have an Open Amendment Process for Farm Bill

The Coalition to Reduce Spending is proud to lead a letter signed by 10 other fiscally conservative organizations urging the House and Senate to have an open and robust amendment process when considering the Farm Bill legislation.

In the letter, we explain the need for a more open process:

“Members of Congress get the opportunity to weigh in on the Farm Bill only every 5 years. With no agriculture subcommittee mark-ups this year, there was even less opportunity to debate policy and voice priorities. The Farm Bill touches almost every facet of American life and economy – far beyond just its effect on the agriculture industry. Members from across the nation and outside the full committee should have the chance to be involved in a process that impacts them and their constituency.”

In addition to the Coalition, the letter is signed by Americans for Prosperity, Campaign for Liberty, Club for Growth, Council for Citizens Against Government Waste, FreedomWorks, Independent Women’s Voice, National Taxpayers Union, R Street Institute, Taxpayers for Common Sense, and Taxpayers Protection Alliance.

While our organizations may hold a range of opinions on Farm Bill policy, we are united in our belief that the Agriculture committees should allow members to debate and consider reforms that would make meaningful changes to the farm bill and will result in a bill that is better for farmers, consumers, and taxpayers.

You can read the text of the full letter here.