Don't charge us(1)Congress comes back from recess next week, and amidst the foreign crises and partisan squabbling, there’s something else you should know: Congress is quietly preparing to charge the American people for its mistakes.

You see, last year, for the first time in years, Congress did its job and passed a budget package.

Unfortunately, this budget blew past legal spending caps set in the Budget Control Act and sequester.

But sometimes with Congress, you have to recognize whatever “victories” you can get. At least the Ryan-Murray set some limits, right?

If only this were true.

Congress has found yet another way to disappoint, as Harry Reid’s Senate failed to finish the appropriations process, and set Congress, locked in partisan struggles, is likely to have to pass at least one more short-term funding measure, a continuing resolution (CR) that is likely to blow way past already established spending limits — maybe even past Ryan-Murray levels.

This is unacceptable. Demand that Congress pass only a CR that holds to its own established spending caps and spends for only long enough for politicians to do their jobs and finish the budget process.

It’s our money. We deserve better.