CRS signs Debt and Spending Coalition Letter

Today, the Coalition to Reduce Spending was proud to join a diverse group of organizations urging Congress to take action on advancing longstanding balanced budget amendments proposals.

Our nation is facing a fiscal crisis. With $20 trillion in gross federal debt and $200 trillion or more in unfunded liabilities, experts recently agreed at House and Senate Judiciary Committee hearings that our nation risks a sovereign debt crisis.

Excessive federal borrowing risks more than economic or fiscal calamity – it is the civil rights issue of this century. By sending our children and future generations the bill for our policy choices, we deny them the right of self‐governance; tax them without representation; and deprive them of policy choices as interest payments consume more and more revenues.

As an economic, fiscal and civil rights issue, it is essential that the federal budget return to balance as soon as possible.

Read the full letter here