4 Signers Pledge to Reject the Debt

4 more pledge signers from across the country have signed the Coalition’s Reject the Debt pledge. Marty Gearheart (WV-3), Ted Rusk (CA-39), Preston Nelson (IL-12), and Anthony Blackmon (AL-4) are running for Congress on the notion that reducing spending and debt is a paramount issue.

Marty Gearheart is a small business owner and a member of the WV House of Delegates where he serves as the chair of the Roads and Transportation Committee and the co-chair of the Joint Committee on Transportation Accountability. He believes that bettering the economy starts with:

…Keeping taxes low, repealing Obamacare, improving and investing in our infrastructure, combating the National Debt Crisis and promoting the work ethic of the American workers and quality of American goods.

Ted Rusk, running as a Democrat, is a building contractor who works on office buildings and warehouses. On his website, he explains his stance on frivolous federal spending:

When I graduated high school our national debt, after 205 years, was $1 trillion. I am still not retired and it is now $20 Trillion! Neither party will touch this issue.

Preston Nelson, a Libertarian running for the Republican nomination, explains why he is running for office:

The leadership in Washington has grossly mismanaged our nation, and we are headed towards disaster. The government lies to us, leading us into never-ending military conflict all over the globe. The result has not been peace or security, but rather more conflict and $20,000,000,000,000+ debt. To pay for the reckless spending, we are printing our currency into inflation.

Anthony Blackmon, who served in the Army and currently in the Alabama National Guard, is running on a small government platform and wants to cut spending. He says:

 If elected, I will make you the promise to not vote for more spending and will vote to give back more tax money to you the people. I will not take bribes or money for my votes that will hurt the American people.

Around the country, advocates of lowering spending and debt are fighting to get elected and serve their districts in Washington. We commend these individuals for fighting this uphill battle. Their pledges, along with the 300+ others, can be found at Reducespending.org/pledge-signers/