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“Balanced?” $1 of spending decreases for every $40 in tax increases

That is the so-called “balanced” result of January’s “fiscal cliff agreement”¬†between Congressional Republicans and the White House, according to a column by Stanford professor Michael Boskin in the Wall Street Journal this week. Boskin writes, “An economically ‘balanced’ deficit-reduction program today would mean $5 of actual, not hypothetical, spending cuts per dollar of tax hikes.” […] Read More >>

How much discretion does President Obama have on sequester cuts?

This vital question has been unclear to me since the sequester loomed large on the political horizon. Predictably, it is difficult to find a straight answer on it given the incentives both parties have to blame each other for whatever real or imagined pain results from the sequester’s across-the-board cuts, which are set to take […] Read More >>

Jonathan Bydlak appears on Price of Business

Jonathan Bydlak, president of the Coalition to Reduce Spending, was interviewed on The Price of Business Radio Show on January 8th, 2013. Read More >>

You won’t believe this about Medicare…

A new report by Eugene Steuerle and Caleb Quakenbush at¬†the Urban Institute (PDF) reveals just how unsustainable Medicare is. Because anyone who has paid Medicare taxes for at least 10 years is eligible for full Medicare benefits once they reach the age of 65, program recipients take much more in benefits than they pay into […] Read More >>