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GAO: Increasing amount of spending on autopilot

In news that will come as no surprise to budget observers, the Government Accountability Office has released a report showing that this type of unreviewed spending has increased a shocking 88% since 1994. Of course, with most of the budget … Continue reading

Big spending looms in lame duck

After another election cycle, Congress is back with a full plate. Government funding runs out on December 7, and lawmakers have to pass either seven unfinished appropriations bills or another continuing resolution to avoid a government shutdown. However, some big … Continue reading

Remembering Herb London

CRS founder & president Jonathan Bydlak wrote today with sad news, as longtime Coalition advisory board member Dr. Herb London passed away Saturday evening. As our friends at the London Center noted, his career spanned decades and included being drafted … Continue reading

Congratulations to newly elected pledge signers!

Like many of you, we’re still wrapping our heads around many results Tuesday night — and waiting for results themselves in other races — but one outcome that undoubtedly deserves celebration is the Reject the Debt pledge signers who advanced to … Continue reading

Rebekah Bydlak in National Interest: How do we make spending matter?

Writing today in The National Interest, CRS Executive Director Rebekah Bydlak takes on the elephant in the room of US fiscal policy. That is, why do voters not hold politicians accountable for bad votes? It is easy to point fingers at Washington, but … Continue reading