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Jonathan Bydlak: The Wrong Way to Avoid a Shutdown

In an email to supporters today, CRS founder and president Jonathan Bydlak explained the bad deal that Congress has worked out to avoid a shutdown — and why it’s one of the worst we’ve seen. Read the full letter here, … Continue reading

Coalition congratulates pledge signer Greg Steube for winning Congressional primary

By a decisive margin, voters in Florida’s 17th Congressional district have chosen pledge signer and state senator Greg Steube as their Republican nominee. Senator Steube has long been a champion of fiscal responsibility in the Florida legislature, and we are … Continue reading

On entitlement spending, doing nothing is worst of all

Part of the reason why reforms to mandatory spending — by far, the largest chunk of US federal spending — remain elusive is that politicians are hesitant to make any cuts to promised benefits. While this is certainly an understandable … Continue reading

Will Congress act on Trump’s rescissions package?

Earlier this month, the Trump administration offered Congress the chance to do something it hasn’t it quite awhile: Cut spending. The package would strip out a little over $15 billion in unnecessary or wasteful spending. And today, Senators Mike Lee … Continue reading

Pledge signer Mark Harris wins big in NC-9

In what observers are calling a “stunning upset,” Coalition pledge signer Mark Harris has defeated incumbent Representative Robert Pittenger, who had not signed the pledge and recently voted for the $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill. The pledge commits Harris to … Continue reading