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CRS President Bydlak to Testify

Coalition President Jonathan Bydlak will testify on Wednesday about the rise of unauthorized appropriations. The hearing, titled “Rise of the Zombies: The Unauthorized and Unaccountable Government You Pay For” is being held by the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Federal Spending Oversight and Emergency Management and will be held on October 30th at 2:30 PM. More […] Read More >>

21 organizations urge Congress to support the MAP Act

The Coalition to Reduce Spending was proud to spearhead a coalition letter urging Congress to support Sen. Mike Braun and Rep. Kevin Brady’s Maximizing America’s Prosperity (MAP) Act of 2019. At a time when Congress is pushing forward ever-higher spending amid constant budget dysfunction, the commonsense fiscal restraint in this bill could not be more […] Read More >>

Coalition: No one who votes for budget deal can call themselves fiscally conservative

The Coalition to Reduce Spending, a national, nonpartisan organization dedicated to reducing spending and debt, joins countless fiscal conservatives around the country and allies in the watchdog community in urging lawmakers to reject the “Bipartisan Budget Act of 2019.” Of course, the name itself is a misnomer, as this act is yet another in a […] Read More >>

Jonathan Bydlak in The Hill: Beware the ‘Unknown Knowns’

Writing in The Hill, Coalition founder & president Jonathan Bydlak takes on the “unknown knowns” of process reform. In other words, original research from the Institute for Spending Reform can provide a useful guide for legislators looking to reform the nation’s broken budget process. [I]f we are to right the country‚Äôs fiscal ship, leaders should […] Read More >>