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17 Trillion Reasons Not to Trust Congress

“The American people don’t trust Congress or either party, and we’ve given them at least 17 trillion reasons not to.”  –  Senator Mike Lee For deficit hawks, recent events on the Senate floor have been of the high drama variety. … Continue reading

Fairness? What Fairness?

Much of the justification for various federal programs amounts to a notion of fairness. Understandably, people look to the government and its seemingly endless cash flow, and pitch their various ideas to politicians. Naturally, given the revolving door habits of … Continue reading

Republicans Are Part of the Problem

This week at National Review, Michael Tanner of the Cato Institute published an interesting commentary entitled, “How Serious Are Republicans?” in which he chronicles how the alleged party of fiscal responsibility is falling short in several ways, even with a … Continue reading

MA US Senate Candidate Dan Winslow Rejects the Debt

Bydlak: “Dan Winslow is leading the way in the Massachusetts Senate race on the matter of promoting responsible spending restraint.” FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – April 10th, 2013 ALEXANDRIA, VA – The Coalition to Reduce Spending announced on Wednesday that Dan … Continue reading

Why Tax When You Can Deficit Spend?

Most voters don’t want their taxes increased. Some are fine with tax increases for others, but generally speaking, one of the Republican Party’s strong points with the electorate has been their stance against taxes. That’s all well and good, but … Continue reading