The Coalition to Reduce Spending was born out of an experience that will sound familiar. Like many Americans, we constantly found ourselves supporting candidates for public office who espoused pleasant-sounding rhetoric about balancing the budget, only to find them voting for trillions in new spending once elected.


Our country’s escalating national debt is the challenge of our generation, and reducing spending is necessary to address this problem. There is a clear need for a national organization to advocate exclusively for reducing federal spending to balance the budget. We founded the Coalition to put people clearly on the record, hold them accountable, and stand up for our nation’s future. We think every American should know where all candidates stand on this defining issue.

The mission of the Coalition to Reduce Spending is to research and advocate for reduced federal spending and balanced budgets. We believe the federal government should never spend more than it takes in via taxes. All spending – from the tiniest bits of waste in small agencies to the most egregious excesses in large federal departments – must be on the table. Only by challenging the culture of deficit spending in Washington will we make future prosperity possible.