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Out-of-control government spending is the most pressing issue of our day. The Coalition to Reduce Spending is dedicated to advocating for reducing federal spending and balancing the budget. Continuing to live beyond our means will only jeopardize our country's future prosperity and security.

Tough choices on entitlements are unavoidable

Thursday night’s Republican Presidential debate was remarkably restrained and issues-focused compared to the fireworks of previous showdowns. This substantive debate offered perhaps the most meaningful discussion to date of the nation’s looming entitlement crisis.

Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz both reiterated their support for various changes, whether adjusting the retirement age for future generations or means testing for wealthier retirees, while Donald Trump insisted that he’d do “everything within [his] power” to “avoid touching Social Security.”

The Senators tangled with Trump, pointing out that while the U.S. spends money on foreign aid even for wealthy countries and does a poor job of negotiating contracts as Trump said, simply eliminating these along with “waste, fraud, and abuse,” won’t put much of a dent in the looming insolvencies in the program.

In a sense, both sides of the debate are right. Trump’s proposed solutions will indisputably not fix Social Security’s balance sheets, but as long as politicians refuse to address the types of wasteful spending he mentions, gathering the kind of broad support to make much tougher choices on entitlements will remain out of reach.

NEWS RELEASE: Warren Davidson pledges to Reject the Debt

CONTACT: Rebekah Bydlak
Tel.: (571) 257-5045

Davidson joins nonpartisan Coalition that includes Rep. Steve Chabot (OH-01), Sen. Ted Cruz (TX), and Rep. Mark Sanford (SC-1)

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA (March , 2016) – Mr. Warren Davidson, running in Ohio’s 7th Congressional District has officially signed the Coalition to Reduce Spending’s pledge to reduce spending. The pledge stipulates that Davidson will not vote for any spending without offsets elsewhere in the budget and will vote only for budgets with a path to balance.

Davidson joins hundreds of candidates and elected officials from across the country. Elected signers include Rep. Steve Chabot (OH-01), Sen. Ted Cruz (TX), Rep. Doug Collins (GA-9), and Rep. Mark Sanford (SC-1). Also in the 8th, Joseph Matvey, Eric Gurr, Kevin White, and Eric Haemmerle have signed. The Coalition continues to encourage the rest of the candidates in the 8th to go on the record.

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Coalition: Support Crop Insurance Reforms in the 2017 Budget

Today, we were proud to sign onto a broad coalition letter urging Congress to support some small, but very important, cuts to the federal crop insurance program that were outlined in the president’s budget.

These efforts are some of the brightest spots in the plan, attempting to save $18 billion over 10 years by reforming “two of the crop insurance program’s most egregious offerings – harvest price option and prevented planting policies.”

Read the full letter here.

How Super will today be for reducing spending?

Here at the Coalition, we’ve been just as riveted as anyone while the national election continues to unfold, but the hundreds of other races going on across the country are arguably just as important.

Today, voters in Alabama, Arkansas, and Texas are heading to the polls for the nation’s first Congressional primaries. Every federal candidate has been approached with the opportunity to sign the pledge to Reject the Debt.

And as we told you recently, there are a few key races that have caught our focus, from the race for Senate in Alabama to the contest to replace retiring Texas Rep. Neugebauer in TX-19, where most leading candidates have signed. There’s also the 7th District of Texas, where Representative John Culberson recently became the first elected pledge signer of this cycle, or the 8th District, where pledge signer Steve Toth is one of many strong candidates across these early states.

Looking ahead, we’re also working in states like Florida and Indiana, where leading candidates in open races and elsewhere have pledged to reject Washington’s largesse.

As we watch to see who will take the top job in November, let’s remember that it’s Congress who holds the purse strings.

Making sure those strings are held just a little tighter is the cause of our generation.

Texas candidates Reject the Debt

As the March 1 primary approaches, one key state has proven its dedication to reining in the nation’s out-of-control spending. Texas, whose Senator Cruz has signed the pledge to Reject the Debt, has strong candidates statewide who are also stepping up to stand for reducing spending.

The pledge commits candidates to vote only for budgets with a path to balance and to offset new spending with cuts elsewhere, as well as to consider all spending open for reduction.

Here’s what some candidates have to say about the issue.

“The crazy spending must stop. For this to happen, we need committed Conservatives who won’t buckle under the pressure and will make real cuts.”

– Lou Gigliotti, TX-4

“The greatest threat to the American people is not a foreign power or extremist group; it is a Federal government incapable of operating within its own budget.”

– Jason Corley, TX-19

“It’s time to protect America’s future by fighting reckless spending and out-of-control debt.”

– James Lloyd, TX-7


“It is crucial for the survival of our nation that politicians stop the out-of-control spending.”

– Maria Espinoza, TX-7

“Washington has a lot to learn from Texas, and I’ll keep up the fight to make sure that they listen.”

– Representative John Culberson, TX-7

View all of our signers here!

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