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Sen. Isakson introduces biennial budgeting bill

The news may have been overshadowed by the many political controversies currently swirling, but Senator Johnny Isakson (R-GA) has introduced a bill that, if enacted, would be one of the most impactful budgetary laws in generations. In short, the bill … Continue reading

Audit the Pentagon Act Seeks to Force Responsibility

When George H. W. Bush was the 41st President of the United States, Congress passed legislation that required annual audits of all federal agencies. To date, the Pentagon is the only agency not to have completed one. Late last month, … Continue reading

Institute: Trump Personnel Budget Saves Millions

This post originally appeared on the Institute to Reduce Spending. Last week, the Trump Administration released its annual report on White House Office Personnel, which includes data on the salaries of all 300+ White House employees. The projected four-year savings … Continue reading

House Budget Deliberations: Unanswered Questions and Grand Implications

Healthcare fights may be capturing the nation’s attention, but there’s another fight on the horizon that divides the Republican party. The House Budget Committee is continuing to work through a standoff over funding levels and will have their work cut … Continue reading

Can we ever repeal Obamacare?

Last Thursday, Senate leadership released their long-awaited version of the House-passed healthcare bill, the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA). In large part, the bill is similar to the House version, the American Healthcare Act (AHCA), with some key changes.  The … Continue reading